What To Wear Guide

Here’s a few guidelines to help if you’re feeling lost about what to wear :

First off, options! I’m always down to give input if it’s wanted on if you’re wondering how things will look together or how a certain pattern or fabric or silhouette might photograph. If in doubt, send me pics or bring options to the shoot!

With whatever you choose, my goal is that your outfits compliment the environment so that the focus is on you two, not on any distractions, which yes, can be your outfits. I want you to feel comfortable and like yourselves, not feel worried about how something looks or feels or fits.

Outfits are so simplified when you make sure that every piece you choose makes you feel like a million bucks!

Make sure it makes sense.

Think about the conditions and locations we are going to be shooting in and plan around it. If we are going to be hiking around the mountains, bring shoes with good grip that you won’t twist your ankles in. If we are shooting on a sandy beach, it would look weird if you’re wearing shoes (ps heels are almost always a bad idea in most scenarios, unless you’re freakishly good at walking in them haha). If it’s freezing cold outside, bring lots of layers and warm clothes with wool socks and boots. If it’s going to be hot, bring clothes that can breathe more so you don’t have sweaty pit stains in the photos. Be as comfortable as you can be!


Like I said, make sure that the materials you wear will keep you comfortable during the shoot not only for temperatures but also for being able to move around in. If you're in brand new jeans that are still stiff and tight, you might be distracted during the shoot trying to make sure everything stays in place as well as lets you sit and run and move around in. I recommend bringing clothes that are "broken in" so that you'll be as comfortable as possible. I also love when people bring clothing or accessories that can show movement by catching wind, because it adds energy to the photos and looks freaking gorgeous!


Avoid big, loud, chunky, crazy patterns. The smaller or more subtle, the better! Flannels are always a yes in my book! I try to avoid pairing too many patterns together because, you guessed it, it makes the photos feel a little hectic and distracting from your faces and the location. Also, be sure to iron your clothes before so there’s not huge wrinkles distracting from your faces either!



I typically recommend sticking with neutrals and earthy tones. Neutrals doesn't mean only grays and browns. There are neutrals of every color (mustard yellow, forest green, navy blue, burnt orange, etc.). Stay away from bright, fluorescent distracting colors. The only specific colors I typically recommend to stay away from are pinks, bright oranges, and reds. If you have dark or olive toned skin it might be an exception with the light conditions, but a lot of the time it results in people looking really pink and weird in photos. So just try and stay from those colors if you can, but if you really want to wear something that is pink, orange or red just check with me! If you're still feeling lost, look through some of my past galleries for more color scheme inspo!


I love when people bring hats, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, etc. because it's nice to pair them with different outfit options. Just avoid wearing watches and hair ties (unless it is a purposeful accessory for your outfit) so they don't distract from your faces when I'm getting close up shots!

Hair + Makeup

A lot of people ask me whether or not they should get their hair and makeup done by a pro. My answer is always “whatever will make you feel best, do that.” I absolutely recommend exercising caution with your hmu look, because in my personal opinion, I would rather look like MYSELF in my photos rather than a super glammed up version that is not how I ever actually look. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had girls show up to shoots wiping off the caked on makeup and taking out 500 bobby-pins their hair and makeup artist did because they didn’t look like themselves. The most important thing is that you feel confident! If you’re getting hair and makeup done, I recommend you schedule to be finished at least an hour before you have to leave for the shoot so you aren’t late. Also, if you want a spray tan, be sure to get a suuuuper natural airbrushed spray tan rather than one from a salon/tanning place. We don’t want you looking like an oompa loompa!

If you are wanting to go the professional route, my go-to hair & makeup gal is Hannah Zahner. I have personally had my hair and makeup done by her, and so have many of my clients. She’s a wizard at working with you to create a dreamy, whimsical natural beauty look. She’ll make sure you look like your best YOU.

Hannah Zahner Portfolio

In Home Sessions

All of the above applies, but for in home sessions I say the more skin showing the better! The photos will look a lot more comfortable and intimate than if you’re in lots of heavy layers! I recommend having options of tank tops, shorts, sweaters, and jeans to mix and match! Anything that will show some skin is perf!


Props don’t have to be cheesy! Props could be a pizza picnic, a motorcycle, your fur babies, blankets, a truck/car, a campfire, a bouquet, a paddle board, etc. If you have props you want to incorporate, let me know and we can make sure to incorporate them in a non-cheesy way!

Welp, that’s all folks!

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to let me know! If you’re still not feeling good about what to wear feel free to shoot me a pic or two of what you’re thinking, or we can create a little Pinterest board together! But overall, just wear what you’re comfortable in and feel like you in. A pair of Vans you’ve had since 8th grade? Great. A sweater you wore for basically a month straight? Awesome. You do you, and I promise the photos will turn out amazing.