Meet Cole – photographer. creator. your wellness gal.

My Ideal Client

I’ve done a pretty major pivot in the last two years around what my work looks like and who my ideal client is. I think one of my superpowers as a human being is to see unique beauty all around me. Have I learned how to help clients feel comfortable and relaxed and create a fun, enjoyable and trusting atmosphere? Absa-freakin-loutley. I think that’s the utter foundation to creating meaningful work. However, at this time in my career, with the limited number of clients I have the ability to work with due to brand spanking new boundaries, I no longer think I’m the right fit for you if you just want some everybody looking @ the camera, cheesy posed photos. Those can be SO FUN & special, and don’t ever let anyone make you feel less than if that’s what you’re looking for. But my current clients have vision, passion, heart, and they want their photos to be a unique reflection of them, their connection, love, playfulness, etc. 

My ideal client wants photos that look and feel like them. We both put in some work beforehand to figure out what your style, vibe, and priorities are for your shoot, and from it we’ll become buddies and you’ll have photos that might not be posed and cheesy, but feel a helluva lot like you.